Intro and about me

I’ve had previous blogs that circled around my life. I focused on my undergraduate career (all four years) from entering to graduating from a university at the heart of the Inland Empire. Consequently, my journal concluded. I debated whether I should continue the journal. It was a healthy hobby, and friends, family, and strangers enjoyed reading the entries and placing their opinions on the various topics.

My original journal concluded December 2013 (Winter 2014 for my school friends). Fast-forward to the present, I decided I should continue the journal and make a fresh take on it all. I debated with friends as to my focus for this journal. I chose a simple developing career and life because I am moving into the “real-world” and far away from friends and family.

For previous readers, this is all repeat. For the new readers, welcome to my life. In contrast to the previous blog, I spoke of the good, the bad, the horrendous, and the hilarious. Of course, some posts were considered raunchy by some people, but that described my life as a college student. College, for me, was 50% fun, 25% studying, 25% keeping myself alive.

My focus on a career is interesting because I never knew that I would be in a 24/7 position of power. Before I entered college, I had the true ideals of a naïve high school student by making claims such as “I want to become a doctor, doctor, doctor, doctor, or a doctor.” I never imagined that I would end up being what I despised: a business man.

I’ve met my fair share of criticism by entering business administration. It was a field friends and family did not expect I would do well in. Of course, I’ll let the successes speak for themselves. However, it was expected that I would do medicine because of the status, prestige, and money. However, I’m certain a major reason was because professions such as medicine, law, etc., are the only “successful” fields people know.

My take to join business over medicine was time. I would rather start making the same amount as a doctor with half the time and the same amount of pay. I am not a numbers-man, but since common folk incorrectly equate big success with big numbers, I’ll include it as a rough reference. Furthermore, for my field of work, I am in charge of hiring the doctors and medical staff.

I do regret not earning a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. Instead, my undergraduate career looked at a B.A. Anthropology (conc. Linguistics) and B.A. Psychology (conc. Neuroscience). I entered my university as a Pre-Medicine student trying to earn a degree in Biochemistry. I hated it. I did well in the classes, and I know I could practice medicine, but I lacked the conviction to carry on.

I threw away a potential career that could’ve given me everything…


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